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Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

Cinema is undoubtedly one of the sources that inspire us the most. No matter the format in which it is consumed, movies, documentaries, short films, the big screen always makes us vibrate. And part of this art is what we are going to treat in this post as "conscious cinema".

It awakens our emotions, makes us travel, live other skins, shakes our spirit and enriches our consciousness making us reflect, in many cases, on our own life and existence.

Due to the exponential growth of the film industry we must learn to differentiate between those films and documentaries that help the growth of our consciousness as individuals and society, from those that only increase negative traits, such as violence, aggressive sex, addictions, mistreatment of people, animals, the Planet and others. Conscious cinema seeks to promote social awareness through actions and activations that involve all of us, such action ends up generating a collective change in which we must all participate. 
Conscious cinema fosters values such as honesty, love, nobility, perseverance, overcoming, determination, compassion with all living entities, in short, those important aspects for the growth of a society and each and every one of the individuals that compose it. This action will end up generating a collective change in which we must participate and to which we are all beneficiaries. We all have a ranking of films that endure over time and that even having seen them repeatedly have become an essential basic.
From Conscious Television we want to contribute our grain of sand to your list of favorites. We want to propose you a very conscious billboard with the intention that the final aftertaste that remains is an inner reflection. That is one of the characteristics of conscious cinema, it enters us leaving a moral and a learning that moves us.

Take a look at the list we have made for you. A top 100 with the essential films of the "conscious world" (more films and documentaries here):

1. The cabin.
2. Free Planet (La Belle Verte).
3. The source of life
4. The nine revelations.
5. Our home.
6. Conversations with God.
7. Human (2013 documentary).
8. Children of the stars (Documentary series 2016).
9. Beyond the light.
10. Beyond dreams (1998).
11. The change.
12. The giver of memories
13. Xavier Boy.
14. E a Vida Continua...
15. The Secret, Documentary.
16. The Eleventh Hour.
17. Home (documentary).
18. Hidden Dimension 2008 (Science Documentary C.Odyssey).
19. The peaceful warrior.
20. Saved by the light.
21. War Room.
22. My two universes.
23. Mimzy, a magical adventure.
24. The effect of the shadow.
25. Waking up to life.
26. The atlas of the clouds.
27. Solaris.
28. Zero Theorem.
29. Pure energy.
30. The Holographic Universe.
31. The 13th floor.
32. Pi.
33. Coherence.
34. Mr. Nobody.
35. Predestination.
36. You Can Heal Your Life.
37. We Are All One.
38. Artisans.
39. Samsara.
40. Mountain echo.
41. The Power of Intention. Dr. Wayne Dyer.
42. Believing is Creating.
43. The circus of the butterfly.
44. The change of a life.
45. The way of the warrior.
46. Cristiada.
47. The guardian of Memory.
48. The Moses Code.
49. The Power of the Cross.
50. A Touch of Cinnamon.
51. The great little one.
52. Zeitgeist: The Movie.
53. Zeitgeist: appendix.
54. Zeitgeist: Moving Forward.
55. The prince who gazed into his soul.
56. The origin (beginning).
57. Strange doctor.
58. To the mothers of Chico Xavier.
59. The guardian of dreams.
60. To see the invisible: What the eye does not see.
61. The time does not exist.
62. The universe is vibration.
63. THRIVE: How much will it cost the Planet?
64. Interstellar.
65. Eat, Love and Pray.
66. Antz.
67. Beyond life.
68. The life of an insect.
69. After Earth.
70. Lucy.
71. Matrix.
72. Element The Fifth.
73. August Rush: The Triumph of a Dream.
74. The age of stupidity.
75. Origins.
76. The letters.
77. Into the wild.
78. Her.
79. The girl of the spices.
80. Movie The Doctor - "The Doctor" (2013).
81. The Alchemist - Episode 1.
82. Fencing class.
83. Father Mario - The Hands Full Movie by A. Doria.
84. The hidden secrets of the water.
85. And what do you know.
86. And what do you know 2, Beyond the rabbit hole.
87. Me, free. A trip to the present moment.
88. A parallel reality.
89. All roads lead home.
90. Brilliant Minds In Search of Happiness.
91. Human Vol. 1/2/3
92. Ayurveda, the Art of Living.
93. Inner World, Outer World.
94. Zen. The Life of Dogen 2009.
95. Seasons of Life (2003), Kim Ki Duk.
96. Buddha exploded with shame (2007), Hana Makhamalbaf.
97. Milarepa "(2007), Neten Chokling.
98. A Buddha (2005), Diego Rafecas.
99. Buddha and the little Buddha.
100. A love between two worlds.
101. The Life of Buddha.
102. Avatar.