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June 03, 2021

Remember that before making any movement it is very important to ask permission and have the consent of the other person to start the buttock massage.

To begin, lie on your stomach with the masseur kneeling in the middle of the receiver's legs. The activation of the buttocks begins by letting warm oil drip onto the sacrum, always taking care that the temperature is appropriate. With the index and middle finger he starts to spread the oil in a clockwise direction. Then drop a few drops of warm oil into the crevice of the buttocks.

Massage from the perineal centre outwards over the line that divides the buttocks and legs and on the third time up to the neck of the passive subject on the side and down the arm and palm of the hand, making small circles in the palm of the hand. Continue blowing a couple of times on the patient's anal lips to return along the shoulder to the nape of the neck and from there down the spine passing along the intergluteal line with the forearm and hand in an ulnar fashion brushing against the genitals.

Tantric buttocks massage step by step

*Note: the massage of the buttocks is done one by one.

  1. Make the gluteal roller pass with both forearms alternately and place the right elbow on the intergluteal line. Continue doing kembiki (squeezing and stretching the muscles) with the same elbow and from there move the hand up towards the head massaging the skull.
  2. Continue the upward movement of the cobra in man. Descending from occipital to coccyx in women.
  3. Introduce the hands in intergluteal line rubbing anal lips, making steps of hand after hand.
  4. Place the fingers in a scissor or Victory V shape at the base of the penis and testicular area and caress from bottom to top in a scissor motion.
  5. Touch the testicles or outer labia and the perineum area with the base of the palm of the hand with lateral movements, from right to left, circular, clockwise and pumping, in the manner of penetration.
  6. Run the inverted thumbs inside out along the folds of the buttocks.
  7. Distribute the energy through the buttocks, back and arms.

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