Benefits of tantra

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November 11, 2020

Benefits of Tantra

Learning tantric massage techniques will change your life and sexuality forever. Culture, sometimes too rational, some religions, family, society, etc. sometimes repress this natural flow of shiva / shakti energy, taking us out of our natural state of innocence and pleasure, producing psycho-emotional blockages that turn into anxiety or illness.

Discover how the sexual act can go from being something banal to become a sacred act, full of possibilities in which you can find yourself and your partner in a universe full of pleasure.

Learning tantric massage techniques will help you:

  • Unblock repressed emotions: it will allow you to advance in the process of consciousness.
  • Achieve infinite orgasms: you will reach high states of ecstasy and pleasure.
  • Solve urinary incontinence problems: you will strengthen the pelvic floor.
  • Forget about painful menstruation.
  • Reduce the chances of prostate problems Improve relationships with your partner:
  • you will learn to know your partner and together you will reach a point of balance and intimacy that will make you enjoy sex much more.Increase your sexual power:
  • you will be able to manage your energy and enjoy sex more.
  • Live a healthy sexuality: you will forget about old inhibitions and sexual frustrations.

    Solves the most common sexual dysfunctions:

    • Premature ejaculation: it is important to know how to distinguish between orgasm and premature ejaculation.
    • Entering the world of tantra will teach you how to have orgasms without ejaculating.
    • Impotence: you will have tricks to solve erection problems so that this does not prevent you from enjoying sex.
    • Lack of libido or sexual desire Absence of orgasms: tantra helps you to know your body, to find your G-spot and, ultimately, you can enjoy sex as you had never imagined.