Benefits of lemon, a citrus fruit with super powers for health

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September 28, 2020

In every home there is a citrus fruit that cannot be missing, the lemon. Surely you have included it many times in your shopping cart to prepare multiple dishes, but do you know the benefits of lemon and how it helps to maintain good health? To learn a little more about this acidic food, we tell you that citrus fruits originated about 20 million years ago in Southeast Asia but were not introduced in the Mediterranean area until the Arabs brought it in the twelfth century.

Since then it has undergone numerous modifications by natural selection and artificial hybrids, but it still retains its characteristic yellow color, green at first, and its delicious aroma. As a curiosity we tell you that it is the most sensitive citrus to cold, so it grows in subtropical areas because it needs sun and not frost.

Among the main virtues of lemon are its powerful antioxidant properties, it contains almost 30 components in addition to the precious Vitamin C and that makes it a fruit that takes a long time to degrade. Its intake is a real anti-aging, could be considered one of the elixirs of eternal youth. Incorporating lemon in our diet will keep us young and contribute to the prevention of many diseases. It also improves external aspects such as hair, skin and nails.

Benefits of lemon
  1. Improves eye health. Its antioxidant components help a lot in diseases such as cataracts and other eye ailments.
  2. It is great for the circulatory system. It prevents and treats hypertension, controls the appearance of varicose veins, hemorrhoids and lengthens the life of good cholesterol, keeping bad cholesterol at bay.
  3. It awakens the appetite and improves digestion. Its aromatic qualities stimulate salivation and increase stomach acidity. Food is better digested and problems such as gas are avoided.
  4. It also helps in cases of gastritis, stomach cancer and colon tumors.
  5. Lemon is also "astringent", that is, it dissolves fats.
  6. It is rich in potassium and calcium, which gives it diuretic properties. It is a good ally in diets to control weight and a great depurative, since this process favors the elimination of toxins.
  7. In spite of its acid taste, its condition is alkaline and helps to alkalinize the organism, that is to say, to conserve the blood in an optimal state for the health.
  8. It is especially recommended for: smokers, people under stress, diabetics, pregnant and lactating women and athletes, who present a high physical wear.
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