Ayurveda and Yoga to get back to routine

Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

Whenever nature changes, we change with it and the need arises for us to adapt and flow with those changes.

This is the wonderful secret of Ayurveda for the integral wellbeing of the human being, to realise that the creative energy of nature is in every being with its dynamic balance as part of a whole.

We have left summer behind and now we welcome autumn, which will become winter. Ayurveda brings us with its wisdom several tips to take care of ourselves during this time of the year and in this way be able to create in each of us an optimal environment in body and mind that allows us to live in unity with our reality of existence, consciousness and joy.

Diet: This is not the time of year for raw and cold foods, it is the time to enjoy heavy, nutritious and warm foods. See what foods nature has to offer where you live and cook them with spices, using high quality oils. Drink hot water throughout the day and enjoy herbal teas. Avoid caffeine and theine as they will dehydrate you. Look for sweet, salty and sour tastes in your diet.

Lifestyle: For this time of year, planning and organisation are of vital importance. Establishing schedules and routines will allow you to counteract the effects of the air-ether elements that are heightened in nature and that push you towards instability, dispersion and disorder. It is time to work, concentrate and activate our creativity. In this way we will also stimulate the mental fire that will bring us warmth.

Yoga: Every day seek to increase the warmth of your body and move your vital energy through yoga asanas (postures) that make you feel grounded. Concentrate the movements on the colon, lumbar, sacrum and hips. All forward bends will be very helpful in finding balance at this time of year.

The ideal posture is Paschimottanasana, which is an extension of the back of the body. Try it and you will notice the benefits for your body, especially for your nervous system and mind. In addition to the asanas it is important that you also introduce the practice of conscious breathing, which naturally leads you to meditation (the goal of Yoga).

Remember that meditation is a state of being and at no time does it mean to have a blank mind.

Fernanda Montoya Rincón. Ayurvedic health educator & holistic health coach at The Natural Equilibrium.