Avoiding premature ejaculation is possible thanks to Tantra

Conscious TV

June 04, 2021

Many people, not knowing what else to try to extend their sexual relations, turn to tantra in search of a solution to avoid premature ejaculation. Erectile dysfunction affects more than 30-40% of men at some point in their lives, making sexual intercourse difficult.

What is the origin of premature ejaculation?

If we look for the origin of a problem of premature ejaculation, we have to take into account that until relatively recently the woman's pleasure has not been taken into account. The sexual act was conceived as a mere formality to give the man an orgasm.

Sexual education is very important to solve these problems of mentality arising from ignorance, men must be educated to know how to manage their sexual energy and control their erections, in this way they will be able to avoid premature ejaculation and sexual encounters will improve notably.

Adolescence is the ideal time to learn certain biological, psychological and energetic principles to help us lead a satisfying sex life.

Stress, lack of time, the current pace of life make us look for quick, unconscious sex. Ejaculation does not have to be the end itself, the important thing is to seek the pleasure of the other, their joy must be our joy. Prejudices, fears and conventions must be put aside in order to learn to enjoy relationships.

Discovering tantric massage

Learning tantric massage techniques helps in many cases to avoid premature ejaculation. According to a study, many men who decide to take up tantra to extend their sexual relations solve the problem after the first session. A single massage is enough, in some cases, to unblock on an emotional and energetic level, to put aside the rush and stress and thus regain sexual normality.

In other cases, practising Tantra and Tao exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor and prevent premature ejaculation helps men gain awareness and confidence in their sexual organs, allowing them to return to normality.

In the smallest of cases, even after several sessions, they have hardly noticed any improvement as there was an unconscious undercurrent demanding attention. It is in these cases that much more detailed attention to the problem is required.

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