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November 16, 2021

Today begins your "21 DAYS CONSCIOUS CHALLENGE". We want you to enjoy it, learn, feel the change and above all, understand the importance of taking care of yourself.

A CHALLENGE unlike any other you have done or seen before. 21 days of SELF-KNOWLEDGE await you, relating to yourself is a beautiful and enriching work. This first week we are going to focus it so that you can get in touch with those terms that may not sound familiar to you or that you don't know at all. We will establish a base and, from here, we will grow progressively.

Let's talk about how your diet will change during the #21DAYS CONSCIOUS CHALLENGE. To establish this new routine we will use traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda.

Every time nature changes, we change with it and the need to adapt and flow with those changes arises. That is the wonderful secret that Ayurveda brings us for the integral well-being of the human being, to realize that the creative energy of nature is in each being with its dynamic balance as part of a whole.

We have left winter behind and now we welcome spring, a season to RENEW. Ayurveda brings us with its wisdom several tips to take care of ourselves during this time of the year and in this way to create in each of us an optimal environment in the body and mind that allows us to live in unity with our reality of existence, consciousness and joy.

Ayurvedic medicine, on a physical level, teaches us that the health of the digestive system is the most important and long-term determinant of our health and well-being. Healthy digestion leads to a healthier and calmer life. The opposite results in excessive gas, constipation, diarrhea, belching, burning, vomiting, indigestion,

bloating and pain. Keeping the metabolism in balance is key to our health, vitality and longevity. In Ayurveda it is known as the biological fire (Agni) and keeping it in balance allows us to maintain our weight in the long term. We give you keys to take care of your metabolism starting today:

  • Drink warm water: This daily habit will help you to ignite your metabolism (Agni, the internal fire) and eliminate toxins. Drink a small glass of hot water when you wake up and then small sips throughout the day.
Yoga routine: 10 sun salutations.  Starting the day practicing this sequence of asanas (12 yoga postures) will not only activate our metabolism, but it activates our vital energy (blood, lymph and prana) filling your body with health and wellness.
  • Season your food with spices: Spices stoke the digestive fire. A strong digestive fire translates into good digestion, it is the most important factor in eliminating toxicity and keeping the body healthy. For example, ginger is very depurative. It can be taken as an infusion (fresh ginger in warm water) in the morning fasting and then small sips throughout the day. It can also be used to spice up meals in a similar way to garlic. It helps to activate digestion, it is advisable to eat a thin slice of ginger seasoned with lemon 15 minutes before meals.
Eat simply: Try to make each of your meals easy to prepare and with few mixtures of foods. In this way you will avoid incompatibilities that alter your digestive fire. An inadequate combination of foods causes stomach heaviness.
  • Breathe, breathe and breathe: It seems obvious but we spend the day without being aware of our breathing. The rhythm of your breathing reflects the state of your mind. A calm mind is able to analyze whether the desire to eat is for nourishment or emotional hunger.
Eat only when you are hungry: In this way your body will always be ready to digest and you will avoid the formation of toxins (Ama). Learn to differentiate real hunger from anxious hunger resulting from an unbalanced state such as anxiety, fear, anguish.
  • Your main meal should be at noon: This is the time when your body is ready for optimal digestion. Try to keep breakfast and dinner light.
Every human being is unique in body and mind. Each of us not only has a different life history, but also relates to the world around us differently, having individual tendencies, reactions, thoughts, emotions and lifestyles.

This is why a standard diet can never work to achieve the ideal weight. According to Ayurveda, overweight is related to an imbalance in our ability to digest food and emotions. This is a consequence of living disconnected from our constitution or type of metabolism and our daily needs, the result of a lifestyle in disharmony with ourselves and the world around us.

It is important above all to recognize that each person has a unique metabolism, specific needs, tendencies and individual reactions that need to be discovered in order to take the appropriate measures that will lead to healthy weight loss.

This first week we propose you to do the following sessions:

  • DAY 1. Introduction to Ayurveda.
  • DAY 2. The importance of meditating
  • DAY 3. The 5 elements
  • DAY 4. Know your Dosha
  • DAY 5. Pitta
  • DAY 6. Vata
  • DAY 7. Kapha
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