10 benefits of tantra that will change your sexual relationships

Conscious TV

July 05, 2021

Tantra is an ancient discipline that emerged in the Dravidian culture more than 8,000 years ago. This culture was the first to develop an interrelationship with the universe through the union of ritual and physical practices. This community discovered that the repetition of an act with a divine attitude produced a result on a conscious and unconscious level. The energy produced in the sexual act not only has a reproductive purpose but can also be channelled to release emotional blockages that cause us stress and anxiety. The benefits of tantra reach our days thanks to experts who have recovered this practice.

Learning tantric massage techniques will transform the way you experience your sexuality and provide you with multiple benefits and effective solutions to problems you are concerned about.

What are the top 10 benefits of learning tantric massage techniques?

    You will be able to unblock repressed emotions. Many times society leads you to hide your feelings, it's time to bring them out and set yourself free.

    You will solve problems of anorgasmia and you will achieve infinite orgasms. You will enjoy sex and learn to know your body and your partner's body.

    You will strengthen your pelvic floor which will help prevent or improve urinary incontinence problems.

    You will reduce your chances of developing prostate problems in the future.

    You will improve intimacy with your partner, you will enjoy sex much more and together you will explore new avenues of pleasure.

    Tantra helps you to free yourself and channel your energy by learning how to manage it.

    You will forget inhibitions and sexual frustrations. You will feel sexual desire again.

    You will remedy premature ejaculation problems. Learning tantra teaches you how to delay ejaculation and increase the duration of your sexual encounters.

    You will solve erection problems in a completely natural way.

    You will reduce the pain of menstrual cramps.