XV - XVIII century

During the Renaissance, a peculiar mixture of ancient and modern superstitions remained in force. In Italy and Spain a type of sorcery arises with the aim of making money through pleasure; the figure of courtesans and city women exert ligatory practices and spells to attract lovers. They are ill-famed women, mercenaries of love, pimps who are skilled perfumers and manufacturers of miraculous cosmetics. Meanwhile, the healing witch who responds to the current archetype, remained in rural areas. In the 18th century, Rationalism placed strong barriers to attributing truthfulness to magical acts and sorcery. The conception of a world that does not go beyond thought itself begins, credited through rationalist experiments that try to give a logical explanation to the phenomenon of visions and witchcraft. Credits Credits: TV / Broadcast: Mention "Videezy.com" Stock Footage Videezy