Women in the pagan world

In the classical world, references to witchcraft abounded. In Greece, the Eleusinian Mysteries were celebrated, annual initiation rites to the agricultural goddesses Demeter and Persephone, which were celebrated for 2000 years at harvest time in the city of Eleusis, near Athens. For a thousand years the woman was the only doctor in town and was also the guarantor and transmitter of domestic customs. He was well acquainted with plants and their uses for cooking and health in general, being the nightshade discreetly used since ancient times to cure or alleviate the various ills of the human being. The woman, delicate and attentive, observing the small, tender and vital was called to be in the future a powerful confidant of experimental science. But also endowed with a great heart, intuition and compassion, which indicated a natural inclination towards medicine. The thinking that prevailed in classical times pointed out that the gods were subject to the same passions as men and to the power of evil. Essential in ancient world sorcery were substances and preparations that were ritually combined and applied to alter the passions and thus regain balance. Discover the pagan world from within.