Was Jesus a prominent rabbi?

Jesus attracted people because he was a healer and an exorcist. However, at that time, the crowds in Israel could not be dragged away with that alone but, in addition, the great gift of the word was necessary. Throughout the entire New Testament there are continual testimonies in which people marvel at the ease with which Jesus explained the scriptures to the people. Jews today agree that the parables of Jesus are probably the pearl of 1st century Jewish literature. The Pharisees of the time used the genre parable as a metaphor to explain something simply or poetically so that it could be understood by the largest number of people. The words of Jesus are so timely and precise that we can conclude that he was a famous rabbi. The sample resides in the continuous discussion with the Pharisees and the people explaining the Scriptures to them. For all these reasons, we can qualify Jesus as an illustrious rabbi. It must be clarified that the judgments of Jesus on the law are not included in the Mishnah not because of their lack of value, but because at that time there was already a great fight between Judaism and Christianity.