Yoga for sport: To strengthen the hamstrings

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At Conscious Television we would like to present the yoga for sport course. In this series guided by Tamara Suárez we are going to work on the hamstrings. This session will be mostly floor postures, so you will need a belt in some cases. We will stretch the hamstrings and we will see that it is equally important to strengthen them, not just stretch them, so here are the keys.

Namaste yogis, I am Tamara Suárez

This is a video for Conscious Television where we are going to work and stretch our hamstrings, let's we get started

We come to chakra bakasana

The wrists stay under the shoulders, knees under the hips and we are going to bend the left leg and we are going to raise it

We raise rotating the thigh inwards, the ischium faces the ground we're going to do little kicks and this is our warm-up

You do not want to raise the thigh very much, you want to locate the movement and the glute and the hamstring will soon start to wake up

The abdomen is firm to protect and support the lower back

We support the knee, we change the leg that is bent we raise the thigh and little kicks

Internal rotation of the thigh, if you don't want to open your hips to the right: push from the heel

Three more reps

We support

I'm sure you can even feel a little stiffness in the hamstring

Right knee between your hands we come into Anjaneyasana

The knee in line with the ankle and this would be our inhalation and exhaling we walk out hands back

We raise the sole of the foot we bow half hanumanasana

Inhaling Anjaneyasana, exhaling Hanumanasana

Two more times Aardha hanumanasana exhale, important to move with your breath, stretch the spine

Hold a couple more breaths

Inhale and exhaling we go back to anjaneyasana

We switch legs left leg between the hands, we adjust the knee again in line with the ankle and the hips fall

You don't want to stay with your right hip in line with your right knee, instead lower it

Anjaneyasana, shoulders back

If the hands do not reach the ground easily, we can put some blocks and we strectch our back more

Inhaling aardha hanuman

Sole of the foot up, toes towards the shinbone, inhaling anjaneyasana

You exhale

Three more times

Move following the rithm of your breath

Last one

Exhaling we hold

We do not round the back to reach the shinbone, but rather stretch

You push the heel back the left heel, integrating the leg the pelvis

Next inhale, we relax

We are going to transition into adho mukha svanasana, we look between the hands

One long step, feet between hands, inhaling

Arms up

Exhaling, hands to the center of the chest

Exhaling, hands to the center of the chest

Parsvakonasana left foot back

Let's make some fists with our hands in the center of our back and we push the knuckles and this is going to be our reference point so we don't round the back, for now hands on the waist, we are going to make the adjustments to position the legs properly in Parsvakonasana, so stand on tiptoe on the left foot, raise the heel, we rotate the thigh inwards, look forward and from here we put the heel on the ground, the feet the width of the hips for more stability fists on the back you inhale, you stretch the spine, exhaling

Long back

Chin inward

When you start to round your back, stop and we work here, right hip back

Remember that in this posture we usually collapse the right hip forward to release tension in the hamstring

The hamstring is working, is what we are looking for in today's class, lean more if you can

On your next inhale we raise

We change to the left side, a little step forward, right foot back, hands on the waist, we do the same toe adjustments, heel up, thighs rotate internally, we push the heel fists in the center of the back, shoulders back, we open the chest Inhale, exhale, long back, chin in

You bow and when the back begins to round, we stop

Four breaths here, inhaling and exhaling through the nose

If you notice a lot of instability in the posture put all your attention to the ball of the big toe of the left foot, the foot in front of you and anchor that area on the ground

And the leg wobble is reduced, you exhale


Get up

Exhaling, we release our arms

Step forward and we will come to a sitting position

We lie down, grab a belt

If we don't have a belt, what we always hear in Yoga videos some socks, a normal belt A long towel, a scarf

Lying down

Both soles of the feet on the ground

And we are going to put the belt on the metatarsals, which is this area of the sole of the foot and we stretch from the heel

Each of the ends of the belt with one of the hands

The leg is straight, I don't care if the leg is closer to the ground but we do want it to be fully stretched and let the shoulders drop

And we hold a breath up to here

The closer the foot to the face, the leg closer to the chest, more tension and more stretch in the hamstrings

So balance how much intensity you can work today

Exhaling, we bend the knee, we change, remember belt in the metatarsals, push from the heel

You want more intensity, we are going to bring the leg closer to the chest

We sneak in intensity

We move away

And we work there

You don't want to be making multiple adjustments all the time

Find your extreme point for today, we work here and you focus on the breath

Inhaling exhaling through the nose

All your attention pending the stretching, the breathing

Physical sensations Inhale, exhaling we bend the knee

We release the belt

We are going to turn face down

We have stretched the hamstrings but we also have to strengthen them

And in yoga we strengthen in addition to stretching

So face down hands at the sides of the body, palms facing up put your forehead on the ground and we are going to do the Shalabhasana

So on your next inhale, legs up

Arms up, chest up

Chin towards the sternum, we correct this tendency that we have to look towards the front and flatten the cervical area, so lengthen the neck, chin in

Two more breaths

Exhaling we make a pad with our hands, we relax supporting the forehead

We can do more repetitions of this to strengthen

Now we are doing a short video, so we quickly move on to the next pose

Lying on your back, also to strengthen

Setu bandhasana with a variant

Heels close to the buttocks, feet hip-width apart

Important alignment in this posture, the ball of the big toe does not rise

We usually open the soles of the feet, raising the internal arch and we want the internal arch of the foot to be fixed and pushing against the ground

Inhaling, we raise the pelvis

And we are going to stretch the right leg

So your left hamstring is there, working hard

You stretch, stretch, stretch

Also the quadriceps, we are not going to fool ourselves

Exhaling, we support and relax for a moment

Couple of breaths here

We do the other side

Up setu bandhasana, pelvis raised

The shoulders can be rolled into the back

We raise the left leg

Three more breaths, my whole body may be shaking, it's our nervous system adjusting

Muscles we haven't worked on maybe in a long time

We start to activate them

We relax when exhaling

We support the pelvis on the ground and you will love the last posture

Is is called Hamstrings hammock

We need a belt

Let's make a ribbon, as wide as possible

Now remember that it is put through the area where there is a belt and it is taken out through the part of the buckle that he does not have a belt and thus it does not slip

You are going to put one of the sides on the head above the ears

We lay down and the other side of this belt is quite large so you can adjust how long you want it

We put it on the metatarsals

This will be our Hamstrings Hammock

Stretch your left leg

You relax, tighten your belt and we relax here

The leg can be stretched, if you need to bendit do it

This is the final posture so we relax we close our eyes

The feeling must be nice in the hamstrings

We take it easy when we work with these three muscles that are especially strong but in the practice of yoga and we overstretch them again and again and it is rare to find a yogi who has not had any hamstring injury whatsoever

Slowly we are staying here as long as we want since it is a very good position so two-three minutes working the fascia, the joints but let's change sides

We carefully release the belt

The other foot, so the metatarsals, belt on the head above the ears

we balance, stretch the right leg

Find the perfect balance between the head that descends towards the ground and you have a long neck so there is no tension in the shoulders the throat and neck

So the head is very heavy against the ground and the leg is counterweighting in the opposite direction

Two more breaths

You will surely want to stay in this position for longer

So you can continue in the positionas long as you want

I am going to get out of it and and say goodbye to you

See you in the next video

Thanks for joining us, Namaste

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