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Like any other sport you do, Yoga helps our cardiovascular and digestive system to function properly, it also improves the blood flow in our body which allows the brain to have better quality oxygen. As it is a low impact sport, you also learn to control and improve your breathing. To reflect all these benefits, Rafael Lopez proposes a series where you will alternate between rotations, where pressure builds up, and extensions, where pressure is released. This is a session of progressive intensity, from lighter rotations to more intense ones.

Hi, I'm Rafael López Welcome to one more chapter of yoga for athletes, with Conscious television

Welcome to one more chapter of yoga for athletes, with conscious television

The series that I propose to you now, it is the yoga detox series- How we talked in the text detox series in yoga they are alternations between rotations and extensions, in the rotations we will accumulate pressure, in the extensions we will release it

With the first rotations we spend less time in the position and the more comfortable the rotation postures are, the longer we will stay in them and then we will release

Remember that it is important that when we inhale, it does not have to be violent, like a hit

We want, after creating a pressure, we want to release that pressure not replace it with another

We start with the feet together and inhaling we open the chest we create space

Exhaling, I bring the right elbow to the outside of the left knee, make good support on it, I put my hands together and now I try to bring my hands to my heart and my heart in my hands

First twist

It is a bit uncomfortable, so we are not going to hold it for long

Just three breaths

But let's try to move the gut during the breathing

When I inhale, I'm going to try to stuff my gut

When I breathe out, I relax it a little bit, but don't release it completely

These is for the intermediate ones

Newbies can just let their breath throb, three breaths, by the way and then as I inhale, I open the space and exhaling, I bend

Now we bring the right leg back

We try to provide good support because we do not have to support the heel because there is a torsion

I create space again and again bring my elbow to my knee

Now I am lower, I am more stable, more comfortable

I can dig a little deeper, I try to bring my abdomen to that side

Palms to the heart

Heart to palms

I tighten my legs to have a foundation

And I breathe five full breaths

Same game, with the abdomen for intermediates and beginners

On the inhale, I want to open my chest, perhaps on the exhale I try to dig a little deeper into the rotation

After these five breaths, I go back to the beginning and inhale

And I remain open here, three more breaths

Releasing that pressure again, staying a little longer in the pose

So now we will do the same on the other side

Exhaling, we flex

We put the elbow against the knee


We open the chest

Three breaths on this side

And I release the pressure, inhaling, creating space

I exhale, I bend over

Now I take the opposite foot out again

I become strong in this posture

I create space and then I slip through that space with the opposite elbow

Hands to the heart, heart to the hands

Knee and heel opposites, tense, to give me foundation

Five breaths in the pose

Digging deeper into rotations during exhalation

And we release that pressure, back up I inhale

I scoop to the ground, exhale

We have made the first rotations

The most loaded ones

Now I simply bend my body, I compress my guts a little and rest in posture

I prepare for the final rotations, which are the intense ones

Let's stretch

Right leg forward

And we are going to keep it active, not too hard but alive

Do not drop it dead

Left leg is picked up, one hand away between foot and knee

Hand behind

I create space I get inside that space

Option A

The easiest way Marichasanas, in these postures the Marichasanas are always sitting down twists I believe in this posture, the posture invites me to close my chest, I want to open it

The basic form, it is that simple, it is already a deep twist it is already deforming my guts

We could look for closure, then I'll show you the other side

Inhaling, I want height

Breathing out, I want twist

And here as we are sitting, we are relatively comfortable

We will hold out as long as possible

In this case about 8 repetitions it is enough for me

Do not sink, do not fall into the chair, on the back I imagine an imaginary chair, you want to open up

This hand pushes me to grow, this hand helps me rotate

Once I finished my breaths I release the posture, gather my legs, and create space again

Inhaling, I open my chest

Breathing out, I return to the ground

Same thing, on the other side

Active leg, it does not collapse

Keep a certain distance between the foot and the knee, we don't want to compress the space too much

Hand behind

This hand goes outside and wraps well the knee

The closure I show you now, it would be that the right hand looks for the left hand and wrist to pull me, to try to turn, I'm trying to teach the heart to the plants, notice that when you enter we lift the cheek of the ass, do not allow it and continue to breathe and grow

Left leg alive, we grow less, but we try it

The next exhale would release, after I have done the 8

And now we go to the last extension

The basic version it would simply be the half bridge

Feet close to my heels

Pelvis up when inhaling, we can leave our hands here or try to bury our shoulders under our back and search for our feet with the fingers

In any case, I want to open my chest and I want to create distance between my pubis and my sternum

But I don't want to compress the throat, I don't want to fall on top of it, I want to have a certain space

That is why the knees seek the bottom a little

Another option The warrior face up


It is a little more advanced and a little more uncomfortable

If we have knee pain or if we have little flexibility, I recommend the previous one, which is perfectly valid

If not we would come here we would take out the calfs, out of the posture we would seek to sit between our feet and with the help of our hands we are going to get in this extension

Both would be ok, but think that you are going to have to sustain them over time

So I prefer an extension in which you are comfortable, to an extension in which you are very vulnerable and you are not freeing up space

That being said, the latest extension

We would only have like in the final sessions of sports cardiovascular I would try an investment I would hold it for a minute

A comfortable investment

We could put our heels back on the wall, just like we did in the runners video and finally very important after a detox we would respect a savasana

I would surrender myself on the exhale

And I would give up completely for at least 5 minutes

Almost all yoga series end with savasana

For athletes series we can save it but not for this one

It has to be always included, please

Thanks a lot

I hope you enjoyed it


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