The archetypes of feminine energies

In various ancient traditions, especially in those that started from the matriarchy, we find 4 manifestations or aspects of the feminine: The Devout Woman: unconditional companion of the man and who together with him builds a project surrendering entirely to commitment, not from submission, but from her power as a woman. The Seductive Woman: she seduces so that men are open to letting God in. This manifestation of the feminine energy is very attractive for the masculine gender, at the same time that it causes jealousy in them. The Mother Woman: a powerful mother who imposes order and takes care of her children. It can heal even in situations of great dejection; She is an immensely defender of the light, she is the woman who helps, fights and defends her own, her family. Destroyer Woman: fierce and aggressive, she inspires fear for her cruelty and strength. Destroy lies and illusion so that there will be creation again. This energetic manifestation can be a great benefactor of man, as it destroys his ego and negative thoughts. What archetype will predominate in your essence of powerful woman?