A more direct and magical perception of existence

The way we understand and relate to the world around us has not always been this way. Modern, more rational life leads us to be more disconnected from our inner being than men and women were in other times. We are now in the fiction that we are something other than nature itself, where we are the center. It connects with a way of life where the passage of time passed more slowly, where language and learned knowledge were given less weight, where things like pain, the blue of the sky, animals, death, life, the sun, The moon, the stars, the day, or the night were observed and felt with great depth, producing an effect on people, a great effect on their emotions and on their hearts. He feels that there are other more subtle realities that we cannot always access, realities that with the use of sacred plants will undoubtedly be revealed to you clearly ... Keep in mind that the deeper we want to approach, the more subtle will manifest.